Why the Lamcraft Laminator Is the Best On the Market

ImageIt’s Dependable!
Our laminators are sturdy and built with the best components to provide constant use. Lamcraft Pouch Laminators can be left on for hours at a time; you can restart laminating instantly! The constant-motor is unaffected by voltage changes, which ensures even heat distribution and provides superior-quality lamination.

It’s Safe!
The electrical requirements to run the Laminator are so low that no fuse is required. No heating elements are exposed; rollers are safely housed in the extruded aluminum housing.

It’s Efficient! Each Laminator is factory-set at the optimum temperature for laminating our products. The silicone heat blankets plus two sets of synchronized siliconed rollers helps evenly distribute heat to provide a smooth, professional finish. No fan is required to cool the Laminator.

It’s Easy to Use! Simply switch on the unit, allow to heat up, then place object to be laminated in paper carrier and insert in Laminator.

Our customers tell us, “Your laminator is the best on the market. We’ve had ours for over 20 years!”


*Lamcraft’s Pouch Laminators are backed by a Full-Year Warranty on all parts and labor. These units are lightweight and portable with an ultra-quiet motor.*

4″, 10″, and 12″ Pouch Laminators available. Learn more at http://www.lamcraft.com/laminators/desktop-laminators.html or call our friendly staff at 1-800-821-1333!

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