Lamcraft, Inc.’s Tribute Memorial Cards

Personalized Keepsakes Honoring Life’s Journey


What is the Lamcraft Tribute Memorial Card (TMC) and how is it used?
The Lamcraft Tribute Memorial Card is a laminated, personalized memorial bookmark that honors a loved one who has passed. Each Tribute is created specifically for that unique individual. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates treasure these remembrance keepsakes given at visitations, wakes, and funeral services. Tributes can also be sent with acknowledgements and thank you cards.

 What will my Tribute Memorial Card design look like?
It is up to the family. Each tribute is custom designed, incorporating the individual’s favorite verses, quotes, and photos. We also use various background and artistic images that enhance the layout. Our design department will create a TMC that incorporates up to five images along with any verses, quotes, service records, timelines or statements that are submitted for the bookmark’s design.

Will I get a proof before the final memorial card is printed?
Our design team will keep in touch with you via email. Upon completion you will be emailed a proof. After we have made any requested changes and given the green light, your order will be shipped. Overnight delivery is available upon request.

How big will my Tribute Memorial Card be? Will it be in color?
Each bookmark is 3” x 9”, with full-color printing on both sides, and features the same high quality paper and lamination as our Premium Memorial Cards. We also offer matching Presentation Cards and envelopes for mailing, if desired.

I own a funeral home. How will these benefit me?
The Tribute Memorial Cards are an opportunity for business branding. Funeral homes may choose to put their logo and contact information printed on one side of the memorial card (typically near the bottom) – a convenient way for friends and family to know how to reach the funeral needs provider for future arrangements. Because of the competitive pricing, your funeral home will have the freedom to determine the retail price that best suits the needs of your business.

What quantities are the Tribute Memorial Cards available in?
Tributes are available in quantities of 25, 50, 75, 100 and more. When deciding on an order quantity please keep in mind our custom memorial cards are very well received at visitation and funeral services, with many attendees taking several cards for out-of-town family members and friends unable to attend the service.

I love the idea, but how much will this cost me?
Tribute Memorial Cards are very affordable. On average, a carton (100 Tributes per carton) will cost significantly less than running a mid-size metropolitan newspaper obituary, averaging a little over $1.50 per Tribute.

I’m considering offering Tributes to the next family I serve. How do I order?
Give us a call at 1-800-821-1333 about creating your Tribute today. We are available 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday. For more information visit


Post by: Brooke Gentry, Social Media Coordinator at Lamcraft, Inc.


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