Think Lamcraft Can’t Do Anything For Your Business? Think Again!


Have you been keeping up with all of our social media posts regarding the funeral and museum industry, thinking there’s absolutely nothing Lamcraft can do for you and/or your business? Well, not to be too blunt, but you’re wrong. Lamcraft offers a countless number of services and a wide scope of business lamination products for all business and occasions.
To start off simply, Lamcraft provides lamination products such as classic pouch laminators (AKA desktop laminators) along with the pouches used in the lamination process. With our various sizes of lamination pouches, you can easily produce laminated workplace signs, point-of-purchase displays, placemats, business cards, menus and more. Look into these products here: In other words, the possibilities are endless for your home and business needs!

Now, let’s discuss our relationship with funeral homes. Our Funeral Memorial Products include memorial card bookmarks, prayer cards, presentation cards, body tag kits, and an online DIY tribute bookmark creator called Digital Memories ( Obituaries, pictures, favorite quotes, and more can be printed on the corresponding items. For more information regarding our funeral services, please visit


Last, but not least, let’s dive into how we work with museums of all sorts. On site here at Lamcraft we have talented graphic designers that spend endless hours customizing and creating bookmarks and die-cuts for museums, parks, churches, aquariums, libraries, and so much more. People are also discovering that a Lamcraft Museum Bookmark is great for marketing and telling a story about their facility. To view our design gallery and learn more about the process, feel free to visit


2014 marks our 40th year in business and as a way of saying thank you to our customers we are offering not only a quarterly sale, but also a monthly sale on top of that. April’s sale can be found below.

Here’s to another great 40 years!

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