Top 10 Celebrity Easter Eggs via

If you’ve been following us since the beginning of the year, you are aware that Thursday is our official designated blog day. We blog about anything and everything funeral home related and try our best to make it as interesting as possible. This morning as I sat down at my desk I was at a loss for what today’s topic should be… so like any 21st century marketing/social media guru I turned to Google for inspiration. About 20 minutes into my search I discovered’s list of the Top 10 Celebrity Easter Eggs. With Good Friday being tomorrow (4/18) and Easter this Sunday (4/20), I knew I had my topic. So, today, ladies and gents, I share with you Billboard’s Top 10 Celebrity Easter Eggs. At the end, please view a few of our top spring Memorial Card designs. Enjoy!


1. Justin Bieber, iconic hair swoop and all, as an Easter egg.


2. Nicki Minaj’s Easter egg, dressed a lot like Wonder Woman. (By


3. Pop princess Britney Spears looks futuristic in her egg creation. (By


4. By far the most egg-cellent creation — this Easter egg set puts all the Rolling Stones on one tiny stage. (By


5. At the 2011 Grammys, Lady Gaga arrived in an egg. Now, she’s painted on one. (By Duncan Mude)


6. It’s difficult enough to tell Jedward apart, and the egg versions are even more identical. (By Duncan Mude)


7. Even Gorillaz fans get in on the Easter egg design action. (By Duncan Mude)


8. Even as an Easter egg, La Roux’s hair is perfectly styled. (By Duncan Mude)


9. One Direction’s boyish charm just can’t be conveyed through paint, so this artist pasted their photos onto five Easter egg outfits. (By @Misslyn14)


10. Recreating Madonna’s “MDNA” artwork on an Easter egg must have taken an egg-traordinary amount of time. (By Paul Attwood)

Below are a few of our favorite original springtime Lamcraft Memorial Card Designs. Interested in learning more? Please visit for a wide variety of options to help you better assist the families you serve.


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