Honoring War Heroes: Memorial Day 2014


Memorial Day is a time of reflection and remembrance to honor war veterans who served or passed away in the line of duty. On Monday May 26th, some will gather at cemeteries laying flowers and tending to the gravesites of those who passed, while others will sit around and reflect with survivors who were fortunate enough to return home. In honor of Memorial Day we have gathered three infographics about war veterans.

Courtesy of: http://bit.ly/1jaDhY0

Courtesy of: http://bit.ly/1jaDhY0

ImageCourtesy of: http://bit.ly/1jaDhY0

Honor those who have served our country and our communities. Lamcraft offers a wider variety of laminated bookmarks for servicemen and women in different branches of the military. Some of our bookmarks can be ordered with specific emblems for the Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. We also offer the VFW seal for soldiers who formerly served in wars overseas and on foreign soil.
Our classic Veteran’s memorial bookmark features the verse “Taps” and is a long-time favorite of our customers. The United States Flag is another popular seller, and can be imprinted with a variety of verses, including tributes to police personnel and fire fighters. These laminated funeral bookmarks are lasting tributes to military and service personnel and their families who have given so much to their country.

To view the collection, please visit http://www.lamcraft.com/bookmarks-cards-for-laminating-obituaries/premium-memorial-cards/by-subject-matter/patriotic-military-service.html or call 1-800-821-1333.

With a very humble heart, we at Lamcraft thank you for your service.

In the comments below we would love to hear your war stories, Memorial Day memories, or anything you would like to share.

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