Bookmarks, Guided Journal, & Urn Tag: Why Not Offer Your Families A Complete Set?

cropped-lamcraft-sign2.jpg2014 at Lamcraft sure has been a busy year. To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we are offering a monthly special on funeral and lamination products. In addition, we also added two new items to our extensive product line: Memorial Journals and Urn Memorial Tags.

writetorememberGuided Memorial Journal:
Inspired by a caring, compassionate funeral director, Lamcraft’s guided Memorial Journal features meaningful quotes and topic suggestions to aid in writing about a loved one who has passed. Important personal memories are preserved in a long-lasting unique keepsake featuring wire binding and quality paper. The journals facilitate personal healing through writing and may be kept by an individual or passed around to several people who wish to share memories about the deceased.


Urn Memorial Tag:
Along with the Memorial Journal, Lamcraft has designed the Urn Memorial Tag to provide a lasting keepsake for the families of a loved one who has been cremated. The individual’s photo or a small print-out of a favorite quote, dates or other information may be inserted. The Urn Memorials have been sized to laminate any information printed on one half of a standard prayer card (measuring 2-1/2″ x 4-1/4″). Or, simply print the photo or information on a piece of paper and trim to fit. Front and back sides of the Urn Memorial are identical.

To attach the memorial to the urn, we offer 100-yard spools of satin ribbon (1/4″ wide). Each spool allows up to 1 yard of ribbon per urn memorial and is available in silver or gold satin. Ribbons may be tied in front or behind urn.


Footprints SeriesWhy Not Offer A Complete Set?
Our Memorial Journals and Urn Memorial Tags feature our most popular Memorial Card designs: Dove and Footprints. These two designs have proven to be top sellers year after year and have appealed to the funeral industry throughout the history of our company. If the family chooses cremation instead of a traditional burial, our matching Premium Memorial Bookmarks may be used to laminate quotes, photos and other memories about the individual and presented to the family along with the Journal and Urn Tags.

Sold? Let’s Chat!
To discuss the possibilities with our friendly staff, give us a call at 1-800-821-1333 or visit us online at


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