Father’s Day Without Dad

ImageFather’s Day is rapidly approaching. While some are out meandering through the aisles of Target looking for the perfect goofy gift for dad, others are spending this time reminiscing and mourning the loss of their fathers.

Most therapists agree that parent-specific holidays are even more difficult than other holidays. Memories resurface and the day becomes one of looking back, rather than looking to the future.

Recognizing this, the Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support, a nonprofit that provides free services to individuals and families throughout Western Pennsylvania, offers suggestions in preparation for the holiday on June 15.

ImageEvery day at Lamcraft we work with funeral homes across the country to provide products that serve, honor, and memorialize loved ones. We understand just how difficult this time can be. To help with the grieving process we would love to offer you our memorial journal that allows you to record personal memories about your father (or anyone you’re missing) in detail. Inspirational quotes are scattered throughout the lined pages, and eighteen topics are provided to “prompt” writing about the one who has passed. Visit http://www.lamcraft.com/tributes-and-funeral-home-needs/memorial-journal.html to learn more.Image


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