Make Your Own Memorial Bookmarks With Lamcraft

digital memories image for blogYou’ve seen our numerous posts about the wide variety of pre-made Lamcraft Memorial Bookmarks we offer, but did you know you could design one yourself? Imagine sitting in your favorite recliner, at the office, or even on a beach (if you somehow have an internet signal out there) and customizing a Memorial Bookmark however you would like.

We invite anyone who would like to try out Digital Memories Online at his or her own convenience by visiting and create an account. Registered users can then create and print memorial cards in one of the three bookmark sizes. All projects are stored securely online and can be accessed at any time. The site also provides a storefront to order micro-perforated sheets, bookmark-sized clear pouches and laminators to help put the finishing touches on your design.

Here at Lamcraft we strive to offer our customers a convenient, easy-to-use online experience. The program is very user-friendly, with a toll-free helpline should any questions arise throughout the process. Helpful videos are also posted on how to use the program, as well as an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that addresses most questions. In other words, we make the program super convenient and we’re here for you every step of the way.

As always, view our huge selection of products at or call and chat with us at 1.800.821.1333, we’d love to hear from you!


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