Lamcraft’s Sizzling 7% Off Summer Sale!


Take 7% off almost everything you buy at
See all sales pricing shown in your shopping cart…
the more you buy, the more you save!
Offer good until September 30, 2015.
Shop as a guest or create an account* and log-in to:
* Save shipping/billing address for quicker check-out
* View past orders
* Create a wishlist for purchasing items in the future

* Tag similar items to find them in an instant

*If you are a member of SCI, Stewart, Stonemor, or Northmor, contact us by clicking here and send us an email requesting login information to enter our website through your pricing portal. We will email you a temporary password which you may change upon logging in for the first time.
Your shopping cart will now show ALL eligible
Quantity Discounts as you add items to the cart.

Call 800-821-1333 with any questions
or to place an order by phone.

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